Mail forwarding service based in Wyoming?

Hello, I’m a nomad based in Asia, but recently incorporated in Wyoming. Does anyone use a mail forwarding service with a Wyoming street address that you would recommend?

My contact in Wyoming is Andrew Pierce with CloudPeak Law. Mail forwarding with a physical Gillespie WY address. Everything’s done online, everything gets scanned and forwarded to you via email. All inclusive. 307-683-0983

I’m a customer, not affiliated or compensated in any way.

Earthclassmail has recently offered a Cheyenne PO Box. I won’t list the address publicly here, for the privacy of the smart people who already have one open, but feel free to DM me. If you don’t need courier service (FedEx/UPS/DHL) that’s all you’ll need. Currently they don’t offer physical mailing addresses in WY. (Though they do in DE, should you want to switch jurisdictions). I bugged them for a while to add a WY address, and they eventually did, and Doug is very sensitive to nomad customer feedback, so any message you send about a WY physical address will likely be heard.

Everything is scanned an emailed. Checks can be automatically deposited for an extra fee. I’ve been a customer of theirs since 2008.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding LLC have a Sheridan address, but they’re new and I haven’t used them yet.

I’ve been using Buffalo registered agents for a couple years and have been happy with their mail forwarding service. I just use the free service included with the registered agent though…most things in my businesses are set to be electronic delivery only.

Thank you so much! Sounds like CloudPeak is what I need. Definitely want to stay based in Wyoming and have a physical address. Thanks!

Personally I use the Travelling Mail Box, it’s similar to the one mentioned above but cheaper, in not sure where their locations are based out of but their customer service is great and I’ve never had any problems. However, be aware that there is a significant lag in mail turn around.