Malta- Ordinary Residency

With 2018 right around the corner, the first thing I am going to do is find a new home base. The single most important factor on which I decided where I want to go was tax advantages. Right now, after reading several posts on this forum, it’s probably going to be Malta. I am from the EU which should make the process pretty easy.

I read a few posts on here which answered a lot of questions, but what I am looking for is mainly confirmation on that what I am planning to do works like I think it will.

1. Is a postal address sufficient for gaining and maintaining residency?
I already know that you are supposed to spend more time in Malta than in any other country to gain tax residency. However I’d rather rent an Airbnb for those months instead of a renting out an apartment for the whole year. Ideally I’d get a post box to have a permanent mailing address. Would that work?

2. What exactly is foreign sourced income?
So as I understood it, you don’t pay taxes on foreign sourced income which is NOT remitted to a Maltese bank account. My main income comes from websites so the income is sourced from E-Commerce stores, none of them in any form related to Malta. I’d still work on this while in Malta, although the income is pretty much passive. I am aware that it’s beneficial to pay at least some tax to avoid complications.

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