Medellin, Bogota or Panama? Any recommendations?

Medellin, Bogota or Panama? Any recommendations on a 6 month stay with the intent of learning spanish and running an ecommerce business(good wifi)?

Where is a good place to learn Spanish? I am coming in with an intermediate level of Spanish.

Where is the internet quality good enough?

Many thanks!

The answer to “where should I stay” depends on the answer to “what do you want”? Options include: backpackers, hipsters, bankers, locals, coworking spaces etc. What is your budget? Do you have any expectations? Try to flesh out your question with a bit more detail as location & accommodation choices are extremely subjective.

I can only give insight for my experience in Panama specifically Panama City region. I spoke conversational level spanish at best and the Panamanians were great at assisting me with trying to speak the language. I was their for a week and had no problems. Many speak spanish but at some hotels, restaurants etc. you will find those who are bilingual and great internet speeds for your ecomm site.

@garrett Thanks for the information about your experience. Glad to see you were able to fit in while in Panama. Sounds like our spanish level is similar. I am in the entrepreneur community, did you experience any of that during your visit?