Moving to Thailand for 6-9 months in August. Bangkok or somewhere else?

Hello Nomads,
I would like to move in Thailand for 6-9 months starting from August.
I’ll definetely stay in Chiang Mai as base for most of the time but I’d like to do the first month (August) in Bangkok or somewhere else.
What place would you recommend to visit first?
Would Bangkok be a good place to be during August?
I was also checking at the east coast isles but I got a little frightened out by the moonsoon idea but still, it would be cool to go to beaches and have some sun during that month :slight_smile: .
Would the moonsoons or the rain really be a problem?
I’ll move to Chiang Mai from september anyway but I would just like to start somewhere else since I have to wait for my girlfriend to come during september.

Thank you in advance for your advices,
Sorry for the bad english,

Don’t worry too much about rainy season. Generally, it doesn’t rain all day, but only a few hours. The rest of the day can still be as sunny as in dry season. I actually prefer the rainy season: less tourists, refreshing rain, less smog in the air,…

We recently spent a few months on Koh Lanta and really loved the island. But be aware that many hotels, restaurants and shops close in low season.


Thank you for your answer Lena,
I really appreciated it.
So in your opinion, which one would be the best for me?
Bangkok or Koh Lanta?
I’m not sure either, which place should I see first :slight_smile: .


No need to plan all at once. Fly to Bangkok and stay there for few days, like it stay longer, hate it visit an island.

I know but problem is I would like to pay in advance a full month of rent because I get the discount from Airbnb for the monthly renting.
Any advice? :slight_smile: Do you guys usually airbnb for rent?

Thanks again,

Comes down to tradeoffs

I lived in Bangkok a few years back and loved it. I think it gets a bad reputation, partly earned, partly because people come in for a few days and compare it to the beaches or up north which are absolutely gorgeous. For the time you are spending there, BKK is worth considering. Nightlife options are infinite and varied, food is fantastic, and opportunities to get out of the city are easy.

Chang mai is gorgeous, lots of outdoor activities to do and the food is fantastic. I think there are plenty of nomads in this forum to confirm this.

Down south there are more beach jumping opportunities than you will know what to do with. I found the food to be a little less thai and more geared towards tourist preferences.

I like suburban environments with opportunites to get out and that is what BKK was built for. For me, the beach was for visiting and really enjoying it for a few days, but maybe you are trying to get really great at snorkeling or really want to full moon party down for 9 months. Chang mai is certainly more tame than BKK, so if that is your preference over a bustling city center then go with that.

Hope this helps provide some perspective.


I use Airbnb but have found it’s overpriced in SE Asia.

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Thank you so much for this long explanation and comparison.
I really appreciated it. You are really a kind person. THANKS :slight_smile: I’m now convinced in heading to BKK :slight_smile: .
Thanks again!!

We are leaving for Thailand tomorrow morning. It will be our 3rd time going. We are skipping Bangkok and going straight to Chiang Mai this time because once you have done Bangkok a couple times, you feel like you are done with it. Koh San Road and MBK quickly lose their appeal. The water taxis are a cool way to get around. Definitely check it out if you’ve never been, but I wouldn’t recommend more than a week.

We love Chiang Mai and you will definitely love it there. Big enough that you can find everything you want, but not crazy like BKK. Lots of different food options and a very walkable/scooterable city. One of the best produce markets in the world if you really like fruit (durian anyone? :heart_eyes:) and fresh produce. Probably our favorite place in the world (so far!).

We also spend time on Koh Phangan island in the south. Really beautiful there. You can go for the parties on Haad Rin (more touristy/EDM crowd) or the Black/Half Moon parties (more hippy feel and local) on the south side. You can also go for the pristine and quiet seclusion. We love The Sanctuary on Haad Tien on the south east tip. It is like no other place we have been. In the north there is also yoga and scuba.

We have also been to Railay on the other side of the mainland a little bit south. It has really nice beaches and rock climbing. Not really a place to live though as it’s pretty small and there is not much available, but really cool to visit. There is a very cool hike called “Lagoon” that takes you to the top where you can see all of Railay. Can be treacherous at points depending on the mud/rain situation.

We have done Phi Phi as well, but it’s pretty touristy and feels chaotic.

We have also heard good things about Chiang Rai and it’s temples just south of Chiang Mai, but we haven’t been (yet!)

Hope this helps. You made a great choice coming to Thailand :slight_smile:


Thank you sooooo much.
There are A LOT of informations in your reply. THANK YOU!! I really appreciate it!
You guys are a lovely community.

Of course! Glad I could help out! Enjoy the city, attitude makes the experience every time! ; )

I lived in BKK for a year and certainly the tourist spots can get old fast. That’s why you have to find new things to do in the city! There isn’t a shortage of places to go and see. Just make sure that you aren’t dead set on your experience only being based on MBK or Kao Sahn road.

I was in Bangkok in August. It was not too rainy. I do agree the rain cleaned the air and streets. Otherwise, it did not stop us from doing anything. One month in Bangkok would be great. It might be too long. A week or two would be more than enough and then maybe try another city?

Can’t speak to Bangkok as I flew in and out but Chiang Mai is lovely. If you’re looking for a digital nomad community, there’s much more of one up here in Chiang Mai than down on the islands which tend to attract a lot more of tourists coming for short trips.

I’d say book for 7 days a AIRBNB not longer.
You can get weekly discounts.
Check out well which area you want to live, for instance use the hood map.
Second: decide whether you want to stay or move on. ,
I lived in Bangkok months and loved it.
Chiang Mai is more of a town compared to Bangkok.
Rentals beyond Airbnb are advertised on any corner of the neighbour hood you will go.
Plenty of short term options. Make sure Internet is at speed.

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