My first time nomad-ing... Spain or Portugal?

Hey everyone,

I’m a freelance + nomad newbie, off for my 1st proper trip in May. I’m wanting to spend a month somewhere and go from there.

I just came back from Slovenia/Ljubljana and loved it there (just a week). I don’t mind “sleepier” places par-say, as long as they’re close to a beach or nature of some kind. In fact, I kinda like places less-busy and a bit smaller/cosier.

I’m been swaying towards Porto, but have been impressed by the rave reviews I’ve seen for Valencia.

-> Have you every nomad-ed in a Spanish/Portuguese city? I’d love to know where and what you liked/disliked :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jasraj,

My name is Edu, I’m originally from Valencia and I love my city, it’s a very cool city to live in. It’s a mix of a big city with so many events going on and a small town by the sea.

If you’re starting your Digital Nomad adventure, I would recommend you to try a coliving space first. There you will be able to find many other people that have been doing that for a long time and you’ll be able to learn from there.

I’m the co-founder of Sun and Co coliving space, (you can search that on google), in a town called Jávea, about 2 hours from Valencia. You can check many other coliving spaces if you want to travel to other destinations of course :slight_smile:

Good luck in this new adventure and I hope to see you soon in Valencia or Jávea! :slight_smile:

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Hey @edu_sunandco!

Thanks a lot for your message. I’ve been reading a couple of your other posts on the forum, actually, Sun&Co got my attention!

And it’s funny you suggest that… I’ve been looking at CoLiving spaces in Spain/Portugal/Canary Islands… Sun&Co is on the list!

I’d love to chat. I’ll send you an email. Jas

PS. For anyone who is curious, the list I have compiled is as follows:

Sende; Galicia, northwest Spain (close to Vigo & Portugal border)

Sun&Co; Javea, eastern Spain, coast (near Valencia)

NineColiving; Tenerife

Coworking-in-the-sun; Tenerife

Restation; Gran Canaria


Hi @jasraj, you can send us an email to [email protected]

Regarding your question above, I love Maruchi and Edo from Sende. They are super cool and the community they built in this rural town of Galicia is amazing.

I also know, Maria, the founder of Restation and she is doing a great job there. They have three apartments and then a coworking space. It’s not all under one roof but they do a lot of event in order to build the community.

I heard also good things from NineColiving, but since it’s pretty new I don’t know much.

It’s a long time since I haven’t heard from Coworking in the Sun.

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Thanks @edu_sunandco - I’ve emailed you at [email protected] and [email protected] addresses.

My wife and I spent 3 months in southern Spain and Portugal, Carnival in Cadiz is THE BEST. its also relatively close to the Algarve, which is beautiful. Base out of Sevilla or Cadiz, you will love it