Nicaragua, any experience?

Fellow Nomads, I am planning to start a Central America trip from Nicaragua and make my way down, finishing in Ecuador during a 2 month period.

So I want to know if anyone has any experience with Nicaragua, places to stay, internet reliability, safety etc?

I frankly know very little about the country, so would love to hear about your experience!


Hi, we are currently in Ecuador. Have been here 3 weeks already and will be leaving in mid March after visiting most of the major towns / cities etc as well as Galapagos Islands. Ping me if you want to know our view of Ecuador. Else we’ll have written a blog post on Quito in a few days, now that we have left there.

Cheers, Paul

Hi Paul,

I would be very please to hear more about Ecuador as well!
And in particular Galapagos, since it has had a top spot on my bucket list for quiet some time now.

And will keep an close eye on your blog as well.



You should check out Based Coworking. We are arranging a coworking tour in Aug this year. Be great to have you on board!


I’ve heard good things about Nicaragua and will be staying 1 month in Granada in a few weeks. Can update here again about the city if you want to :slight_smile:
I also recommend the fb group “digital nomads around the world” - there were a few threads about Nicaragua.

Hi there,

I’ve been living in San Juan Del Sur for the past 4 months and I have mixed feelings: on one side, you have amazing beaches and great surf spots, some nice cafés, a large expat community (for the better or the worse), a yoga studio, + many services and products that you may not find in the rest of Nicaragua… On the other side, it has unfortunately become party / drug town and I think there are too many loud people who aren’t very respectful. Also many foreigners passing through and living here have almost completely obliterated the local and cultural touch of the place. San Juan Del Sur is generally safe and Internet is average (I have a 2 MB connection which is probably the fastest you can have in the whole country).

Since 2013, I’ve spent about 8 months in Nicaragua. I’ve worked from many places in the country (Bluefields, San Carlos, Esteli, Matagalpa…) and really liked Jinotepe in the North, but you may feel lonely there if you don’t speak Spanish: I did not meet any foreigners there.

If you have more questions about Nicaragua, feel free to ask.

Hi Matt! Are you in SJdS right now? Wanna meet for a coffee?

Hi Tom,

No sadly not, I am in the UK currently. I plan to come to Nicaragua start of August. Are you interested in joining the Based Coworking facility in August? I am in the process of collecting application now, if you were able to spread the work around SJdS that would be great, and for every successful candidate you refer I can give you a discount of your space.



Hey Matt, I’ll probably leave Nicaragua in May… Best of luck with your project!

This thread is a bit old but I’ll throw in my two cents! I’m part of the team at a new coworking and coliving space in San Juan del Sur (we opened our doors on January 1) and have been a big hit ever since, there was definitely a demand for space like ours down here! Hooking up fibre optic internet was a huge game changer and we’ve got and entire backup system for when power does go out. If you’re ever back in the area we’d love to have you! More info at!