Nomad in Europe and buying a car

We’re nomad’ing around Europe, living in places for a few months at a time. It would be super convenient to own a car for this, but we haven’t found a good option to buy and keep one without being a steady registered resident in any country. Every time we move we’d have to basically change number plates et cetera.

Does anyone have any experience with this and has helpful advice?

I f you had a company registered in EU you could buy a car, and register it in the country you’re incorporated. Otherwise you could lease a car, then it’s registered to the leasing company, but I don’t think anyone would lease out a car to a nomad :smiley:

Is renting a car too expensive for it to be a viable option? I mean, car rentals are common in Europe (unlike in parts of Southeast Asia where I’m from) so I’d assume doing so in each country you’re in would be a better choice considering all the other things like insurance and stuff.