Nomad volleyball hubs, know of one? (Asia)

Hey all! Planning to head to Southeast Asoa later this year and I’m looking for a place that’s got a good community of people who play beach volleyball. I’m in Medellin at the moment and joined up with a community of locals and expats who play a few times a week and I’ve gotta say I’ve quickly fallen in love with the game!

I want to find a place that’s got a good community I can play and practice with somewhere down there. Mix of locals and expats are both fine, though ideally there’s at least a few expats so I can communicate with at least one person in the same language! I’m open to indoor volleyball too, though I know that’s much less common (especially amongst nomads).

Appreciate any direction ya’ll can give!

For anyone interested: some research elsewhere has shown that Koh Phangan is a good place for this. Unfortunately it’s in the south where the Full Moon Party tends to be the heaviest, so I’m hoping I can get by there without getting washed away in the waves of drunken idiots. :crossed_fingers:

Volleyball is really popular in Philippines.