Nomads in Split, would anyone like to have a meet up this month?

I’ve chatted to a few of you on the threads these past few days, and now I want to meet you all!

How about next Wednesday 23rd Sept? I’m happy to arrange it and was thinking To Je To would be a good place. Let me know if another date would be better.

Who’s in? If we can get more than 10 I might be able to make it an official Nomad List meet up.

@suuzin @mirko @tomislavmamic @levelsio @theunis @FootprintsImprints

are you on the slack? if not I can post this in the croatia slack for you.

I’m keen - small chance that I may leave split before the 23rd, but I’ll probably still be around. There are 3 other nomads at amo!sfera that would be game too I’m sure.

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you can count me in too of course :slight_smile:

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No I’m not on slack. That would be great :smiley:

I should probably join at some point!

I’m in, and I know another nomad coming into town on Sept. 20 who I’m pretty sure would come. And she knows more I think!

I think that @levelsio is leaving before then though, and I know two other nomads who leave early Friday morning.

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I’m in, and I think DNs who are currently in Amosfera would join also. Hope @theunis stays longer :smile:
One question is the time, most us in Amosfera work until 21h, and another is the place, if there is going to be 10 of us, we will not fit in To je To in the evening. The place isn’t big and it’s usually full every evening. But on the other hand, it’s great atmosphere and full of expats and tourists.

I’m happy for other location suggestions. I’m new here! :slight_smile: We can maybe meet at 8pm and those working later can join us then?

added it for you. wish I could attend! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Wish you could too. Maybe we’ll bump into one another further down the line :slight_smile:

Myself and my girlfriend are arriving in Split on Thursday :smile: We’re going to be there (working from Amosfera by the way) for the next month and a bit, so will be cool to meet up with some fellow nomads!

Hey! My girlfriend and I are down for a meetup! We have been staying in Stobrec for the last two weeks and have been loving it! Would be great to meet some of the other DMs in town and hear what everyone is up to!

Great! I’ll see if I can make it a Nomad List event, and try and firm up some details too. Heading to Amosfera today, so will have a chat with whoever is there.

Andrea and I are in. Looking forward to meeting the other nomads.

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Will be in Split in the from tomorrow till 28th, looking forward to meeting the other DMs there :wink:

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The plan at the moment is to meet at To Je To in the old town at around 8pm. If it’s too crowded, then we’ll move onto somewhere else nearby. I’m pretty sure I walked past loads of cool looking bars and cafebars around the old town.

See you all on Wednesday 23rd September.

sounds good, Maya and I will be there!

See you guys! I guess you won’t mind if I invite few of my friends, also local from Split. :smile:

I land in Split on the 24th, Would have loved to come and meet you all! Anyone still going to be around from the 24th onwards and fancy hanging out?

I’ll be around the next month. And I’ll be at the meetup, and so will at least one other nomad friend I told about it (probably more). And I found a wonderful apartment!! :smiley: See you all soon, thanks for setting this up.