Non-EU Spouse experience registering in EU country

Hello! My family and I are planning to move to Europe and live nomadically for some time. I was wondering if anyone had experience registering a NON-EU spouse. I know some countries are faster than others. Spain takes 6 months vs Poland taking 1 month. I would love to hear of anyone who had this experience. Do you know of any country where the process of registering a NON-EU spouse i fast? We don’t want to wait to long in one county waiting for the temporary residency. Thanks!

That depends on your wedding certificate, I think. If you have an apostille on it and if it’s recognised in the EU, registering in Spain for example was instant. Got a paper right away and the residency card a few weeks later.

Great. Thank you! Was this in a major city like Madrid or Barcelona? Thanks again for your response!

This was in Barcelona, yes.