Non US residents, can you share your testimonial about your US business bank account?


I am looking for testimonials of non US resident nomads who incorporated their company in the US & have a business bank account at a US bank.
I would like to know if the process has been difficult if you have been denied a business bank account because of your status as a non resident alien. If you were successful i would like to know if you are able to do everything that a US resident could do with the business bank account. For instance, i would like to know if you are able to do international wire transfers to the country where you reside.


I have a bank of america account - it was relatively easy to open and haven’t had any major issues. I am able to do international wire transfers, although the fees are quite high. Instead, I tend to use bitcoin to transfer money internationally.

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I used Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) for a recent incorporation. It was all done via the Stripe Atlas program and it was unbelievably simple and straight forward. Banking facilities with SVB are great, unlike Wells Fargo that required me to travel to the US to setup a new wire in person (WTF!). Fees don’t appear to be too bad with SVB.


This sounds ridiculous, just recently opened a business account with Wells. I got invite to Stripe Atlas too, but they only incorporate a Delaware C-corp, which doesn’t make sense unless you plan to raise VC money.

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For sure - I get that. It worked for us. We’re a bit larger though than a 1 or 2 man team :wink: We’ve structured things so that the US side only operates as a payment gateway and the rest is transferred elsewhere.

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