One Month in Mexico - Where to Stay?


I’m planning to fly to Mexico mid October for 1 month. I’m working on my laptop (like many others I guess) so I need a reliable wifi connection.
My budget is about $1500/month.
I was looking at Playa Del Carmen and renting a flat through Airbnb is not too expensive since I get a major discount for staying a month.
I don’t really care about nightlife. I want a place with good vibes and I want a place near the ocean or with nature around me.
Does anyone have any thoughts about Playa Del Carmen? and Maybe suggestions of other place in Mexico?

Thank you!

playa, puerto vallarata, sayulita, mexico city, san miguel, guanajuato, oaxaca, san cristobal, merida. depends on if you want city, town, beach, mountain…

Heading to Puerto Vallarta for 3 months starting sept. We just sorted an apartment via some property managers we found at for $450/mth, 20MB down, new build, great location, but you will need spanish to get those level deals (my girlfriend is fluent, I was getting quoted 3 times that when asking in english). I’ve never been to mexico but my gf loves PV, supposed to be great once you stay south of the resorts. But if you want something more relaxed, Sayulita might be more your thing, from what I’ve read.

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I think I’d rather not stay in a big city. Where would you recommend staying in Oaxaca? The city itself of somewhere else?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I suggest Sayulita. Playa del Carmen feels bigger and more touristy, a party town, really. Sayulita is surfers and smoothies, beaches and yoga, chilled out and international.

If you head towards Puerto Vallarta area I highly recommend checking out Yelapa for at least a few days. It’s gotten a little more touristy the past few years with daily boats of day-trippers, but otherwise is still pretty idyllic. Be warned that the internet is ~1mbps when I was there last year, and goes down periodically — they only got electricity in 2003 and internet in 2011.

PV itself isn’t my thing, too busy/loud/overrun. Have heard Sayulita and Oaxaca are both amazing, but never been myself.

Can’t speak much for beach towns in Mexico, but I lived in Oaxaca for a few months earlier this year and I recommend staying in the city for sure. It’s easy enough to get to the surrounding (gorgeous) mountains via collectivos or buses. Rent is cheap there too and the food is amazing. October, however, is the start of the snow bird season there, so be ready for a bunch of cranky old white people taking over the place.

I highly recommend San Cristobal too. Cool little artsy town with cheap food and places to stay. Also easy to get out and see the mountains and canyons around there.

Do be aware that internet in Mexico is just not that great. Can be fairly slow and not all that reliable in most places.

I love Playa del Carmen, but I’m a diver. If you are into snorkeling and or diving it’s a great place. There are lots of smaller towns in/around the Riviera Maya, but it’s the biggest and has the best nomad cred.

Go further down the coast to Mahahual we spent a month there it was awesome

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What’s the internet situation in Sayulita, @gigigriffis? Booking a place in Pto Vallarta in January, and looking for other places that have a decent connection where I can work.

Or maybe the better question is this: what’s the norm as far as acceptable internet speeds in MX?

Depends where you stay. My place was a bit off and on, but another nomad I met had an amazing connection at her place. So it seems the town is well connected, you just have to be careful where you book (which I assume is the case in most of the world).

@yanokwa and I stayed in Playa Del Carmen for November and December 2014 and had a great time. October is before the peak season so you should have no trouble finding a relatively inexpensive place. I recommend looking for a residential neighborhood not just aimed at tourists. There’s so much to do in the area that’s a cheap colectivo ride away, there’s good food from every region of Mexico and lots of interesting people both local and expat. It’s easy to find opportunities to do things like volunteer in schools. The Internet wasn’t super fast but it was pretty reliable and sufficient for our needs. It’s a place we’d consider returning to.

Puerto Escondido on the Pacific side is also nice. Less to do but the beaches and the food are great so it’s a nice place for focusing on work. If you’re flexible on nature, Mexico City is amazing.

Cool, good deal, @gigigriffis. Thanks!

@lognaturel what neighborhoods would you recommend in PDC?

Looking for spots for December/Jan (since officially heading to Pto Escondido Feb-March).

@dani December and January is going to be super peak tourist season so I personally would tend to head to some place that’s not the beach like San Cristobal de las Casas. BUT it’ll still be amazing I’m sure!

We stayed in Zazil-ha at CrocCondos which was totally great and another place at around calle 6N and avenida 45 (near the Walmart) which was also good (both low-season pricing). I’d not want to be too close to la Quinta (5th Ave, the party street) and I think things between calle 8 and calle 38 close to 5th tend to be more expensive and touristy.

Following this thread. We’ve been planning on Nov-Feb around Tulum and/or San Miguel Allende (more likely Guanajuato).