Options for DNs to stay and live in New Zealand for 1-2 years?

I already have a remote job that I like and do not want to change it. I was thinking of moving to NZ in order to live there for a while - may be one or two years or more if me and my wife like to be there.
But it looks like tourist visa will not allow me us to stay there more than 9 month and other visas require some job offer which is not easy to get. So I was thinking if there is any simple way to move there except finding a new job binded to location in NZ.
Me and my spouse are Russian citizens.

@zox_chief Not easily. The only option I could think of would be to start your own company and run some of your remote work through that, but NZ is a high(er) tax jurisdiction, so you’d probably not want to do that…

3 mo there, 3 mo in OZ, then 3 mo in Bali and 3 mo in Thailand… #WashRinseRepeat

Follow the weather you love and the 6 mo in Asia (cheap) will balance the 6 mo in NZ and AU (expensive).

Was there earlier this year… An amazing place, but very expensive and poorly insulated/heated homes so cold is COLDER there…

Brunch for my wife and I could easily cost $45+ :wink: