Other places like Ubud, Chiang Mai, Vienna, Prague...?

we’re having trouble deciding where to go in the fall (September, October, November) or over the winter for that matter. We loved Chiang Mai, Ubud, Vienna, Prague, Lisbon and we’re looking for a similar place to stay for 1-2 months. We’ll be in Germany and have a car. We wanted to go to Italy, but we’re not getting excited about any place in particular - or we just don’t know where to go. Any ideas?

What do we like? Pleasant weather, open minded people (whose eyes don’t fall out when they see a black girl), healthy food (in restaurants and supermarkets) with vegetarian options, a chill vibe. Nice rentals (we use Airbnb a lot). A nice compromise between nature and not feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and no bugs or mosquitos please (they love us, but our bodies hate them. We get huge welts that stay for weeks).

Rich & Chinny

This might work: https://nomadlist.com/#short_term_cost_in_usd=affordable&temperatureC=warm&internet_speed=good+internet&racism=Low+racism&region=Europe&

Good cities, but in my opinion expecting good weather for those months is a big gamble. Sometimes September/October can feel warm, but most of the time it’s when the wind picks up and it starts getting colder.

Yep. Better to get out of Europe. Actually one place in Europe that’s warm then is Gran Canaria https://nomadlist.com/las-palmas-gran-canaria-spain

Or just plain Spain is still nice in Autumn (especially if you don’t like very hot weather). Around mid November the weather starts getting bad, so at that point might want to continue going south.

Verone looks nice. I would like to be in Rome too…

Otherwise try Lisboa… Ljubljana is cute but maybe too small/calm.

In Bali I prefer Canggu above Ubud.

Thanks all! Much appreciated!

Anybody recommending Malta, Zyprus, Sicily, Greece?

You mostly described “all over Italy” if you ask me. Rome is amazing to me… the vatican, the coliseum, thousands of years of history hiding around every corner. If you’ve never been to Venice, you should see that for a couple days. As for a place to stay for a while, I can’t imagine you’d do poorly finding a location that calls to you a bit in Tuscany…

That said, if Italy doesn’t turn you on at all … Spain is incredible to me. We’re setting up shop in Barcelona in a couple weeks… last summer, we traveled all over Spain (airbnb’s mostly) and were just blown away with Madrid, Sevilla, Granada and many of the beaches. Southern Spain was 35-40 degrees celsius during th summer - I can’t imagine it’s ‘cold’ in the fall. Barcelona is really it’s own thing… yes, it’s in Spain - but not really a “Spanish City”. Cosmopolitan … and as the capital of Catalonia holding it’s own separate culture. (Then again, Grenada/Madrid/Sevilla very much had diverse architecture, history, and culture as well.)

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Italy - so airbnb wasn’t a thing yet.
We’re living in Costa Rica right now - and specifically decided not to move to Italy long term b/c we heard it was a bit slow moving and we’re wanting to get back to a fast moving city life again. That said, I think there are many places there that lend themselves to “nature nearby but not the middle of nowhere”.

Hope this helped a bit

Loved Malta, warmly recommending it! Catania is Sicily was not bad either!

Thanks! What did you like about Malta and Catania? About us: we usually care more about farmers markets or parks etc rather than the sights of a place. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t want to do or see something every week, we’re less likely to care much for it.

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I dont like self promotion but this might be a cool thing for you.

If you have any questions, let me know!