Penang or Kuala Lumpur for three months?

We are currently planing to go to Malaysia for three months, but are unsure whether Penang or KL is the best fit for us.

Generally, we don’t like big cities (e.g. Bangkok) too much, but we need to get some work done and need good wifi and a place that is easy to settle into. A modern, comfortable and private apartment for less than ±2.500 MR is a requirement. Easy access to nature and good food (vegetarian) is more important than shopping or an active nightlife.

Any tips? Thanks for any help!


I"d be interested to know too. I’ve been to KL a few times so was thinking about a few months in Penang next year. From looking on Airbnb, a decent apartment is easier to get in KL but I have no idea what it’d be like when you are on the ground.

I have found KL a very easy city to settle into and had no trouble with wifi but then I’ve only needed light usage.


Hi Lena

I was in KL for the last three months and one week in Penang after that. Basically I liked Penang. But I have only seen the heritage area where I stayed in a boutique hotel for 100 MYR a night (would have been 120 but I got it cheaper). I didn’t check out the newly opened co-working space (forgot the name) as I didn’t have much time and there was pretty good wifi in the hotel. I think you can save time of commuting if you stay in Penang, compared to KL. Especially if you don’t like big cities (unlike me :slight_smile: ) it makes sense to go to Penang. Things are cheaper there (not sure about apartments), air is better, sea is closer and nicer (didn’t check out beaches though), traffic is ok (especially in the heritage area which is really quite and relaxing, as well as pretty!).

In KL I found a modern and nice apartment for 2500 MYR near the skytrain (LRT) in Petaling Jaya, about 20 min away from the main station, but not through Airbnb as they are usually more expensive on there. I found an agent which was willing to find an apartment for me. Normally they don’t do below 6 months, but she negotiated with the owner and got it for 2,5! If you want her contact, let me know. A few pics on my German language blog post here:



Thanks for your answer and the link to your blog, Philippe. I’d love to get in contact with your agent!

I would recommend Penang (Georgetown) over KL any day. Penang is really cute and does not have a “big city feel” to it at all. It’s also a food paradise for us vegan/vegetarians - some of the best Indian food (and i’ve been to India) I’ve had in my life has been in Little India, Penang.

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Sent you a pm.

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Thanks everyone for the kind replies. We decided to give KL a shot and stay there for 3-4 weeks, but spend the majority of our time in Georgetown.

If you don’t like big cities, forget KL… I lived recently in both places for 1-1 month, and wouldn’t recommend KL for that long. Even in Penang I recommend choosing a calm place like Gelugor and first stay for a week then decide whether you like it or not.

@Lena Everything you need to know about Penang :slight_smile:

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