Permanent Worldwide Health Insurance with no reimbursement policy


I’ve been living outside the USA (my original home) for the last 10 years. I only go back occasionally to see family for a short period of time. I’m looking for a health insurance provider that is willing to provide global coverage (USA excluded) with no reimbursement policy that will also cover preexisting conditions.

In the philippines, they will let us die if we can’t work out a payment arrangement (or at minimum pay a deposit). If the bank is closed and I can’t get the money for the deposit, we die.

My current provider (here in the philippines) is blue cross philippines . I’ve grown tired of their incompetence and general ineptitude and am searching for a replacement outside of the philippines.

There is one thing I really like about our health insurance provider. They provide us with a visa card for which we use to charge all of our necessary medical expenses. It’s not a ‘health care credit card’ but our actual ‘proof of insurance card’. The card is issued from our health insurance provider and has all of their markings / logo / information on it as well as a 16 digit visa number, magnetic stripe and visa logo on the card.

Does anyone know of a health insurance company that will direct settle by giving the insured a visa / master / amex / etc card to charge their related medical expenses to?


Hi there,

I have a similar issue. Did you find such an insurance in the meanwhile?

BUMP for this.

I’m leaving for Thailand in a week and trying to find international medical insurance (not travel insurance) and this whole thing has been a nightmare…

Every policy review I read seems to have horror stories of people not getting claims paid! Having a directpay option in the form of a card would be a real relief.

My employer uses Cigna Global.
I have not used any of these myself.