Places to work from in Dublin? High-Speed Internet + Quiet?

We’re in Dublin for three weeks and we didn’t get a coworking space because the prices are higher than what we’ve been paying in other European cities and we won’t be here for too long.
We thought we might be able to work from our Airbnb but soon found out it’s impossible.
Does anyone know of good places to work from, like libraries or anywhere with high-speed internet and that will not be too loud? We take several video calls to the U.S.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrea!

Welcome to Dublin!

There are a lot of great caffes in the city center where the internet is quite descent. I’ve been testing for working some of those lately.

There’s KC Peaches on NE side of St. Stephen’s Green. It’s a good internet connection (although you need to reconnect every 30min or so). During lunch time it gets really busy and noisy.

There’s 3fe near Google. It’s probably the priciest caffe in Dublin, but the connection is good and apparently everything that you can order there to drink and eat.

Most of the Startbucks have good internet connection. Two of my favorite for working (they both are quiet almost the whole day):

(something’s wrong with gmaps links. One is rendered inline like a map and the other as link)

Note that Dublin has a ton of little hidden places like these. These are just some that I’ve tried out. If you don’t expect any calls, I suggest you try and explore a bit. It’s an incredible little city.


Thank you so much! You’re awesome :slight_smile:
I went to two libraries today and none of them worked. Internet is a huge issue and I did end up in a Starbucks in the end, but I will try out your recommendations! KC Peaches sounds good, and I loved St. Stephen’s Green, so it’d be nice to be near it.
I am really enjoying Dublin! It’s a great city and the people are just so nice, everyone is up for a chat.

Thanks again!

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Hi Andrea,

Glad you’re liking Dublin! I’ve recently found a great not well known place for working called the Workbench. It’s a free coworking meant for startups opened by one of the local banks, but I’m pretty sure it’s open to everyone.

It’s in Grand Canal Square which is a nice area too:,-6.2413237,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48670e9355c52117:0x73d57356d3dd923b

(I know the map says it’s closed but it’s not, it opens from 8am to 5:30pm most days, and some times later)

@johnbrett that seems great! I’m literally 5 minutes away right now, so I’ll go check it out.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Cool, let me know how you find it! I’ve a colleague working from there the last few weeks, I’ve only been there once, but will likely be there near full time from next week onwards.

@johnbrett Forgot to write back, but the place is great. I’ve been here twice. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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