Podcast recommendations?

Hello everyone. Which podcasts are you listening too? I’m interested in topics such as:

  • Long Term travel
  • Internet entrepreneurship
  • Starting/running a consultancy
  • Building/selling products
  • Financial planning & freedom

Here’s what I’m following:

Any suggestions or other interesting recommendations?


@ahawkins nice recommendations.

I enjoy these:

The above are mostly Nomad, Remote, Travel, Freelancer focussed. I also have a few coding podcasts as well.

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It’s not one of your listed topics, but EconTalk.org has been a huge source of learning and inspiration for me. It covers a wide range of topics, but always with an economist’s perspective. As for financial planning, I’d avoid any podcast that tries to convince you to be too clever… just pay down debt first, then max out your 401k if you have one, then max out your IRA contribution, then keep putting money into an index fund with low management fees (Vanguard is great), and don’t touch it until retirement. Pretty much any strategy that tries to be more clever than that is just relying on luck. Focus on making lots of money, not spending too much, putting lots away, and not listening to financial advice from charlatans. When you make enough to do fancy tax stuff, hire an accountant.

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I wrote a list on my blog here of what I’m currently listening too.

Agreed, EconTalk is in my opinion one of the best podcasts out there, highly recommended