Project Fi (and AT&T Roaming) in Canada

Going on 3-6 month #vanlife trip throughout the USA and Canada, and setting up my data connectivity to be able to work on the road. Without going into depth (unless you ask), I’m trying to figure out options for cell service as a US citizen in Canada, and looking for everyone’s input:
(1) Project Fi: any experience or feedback on how Fi works in Canada? I’ll be almost exclusively in British Columbia.
(2) US Carriers: any feedback on AT&T or Verizon?

Thanks, all!

Funny you ask, I have Project Fi and I’m in Canada (also BC) now. No problem, works exactly like it does in the US. A matter of fact even call connects are really easy.

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I have been using Fi in Canada for years and never had any issues. It works great

However, my Canadian friends sometimes ignore my calls because they look like SPAM, coming from the US.

Also, some government agencies are blocked from calling outside Canada.

Also, some Canadian 800 numbers can’t be called from US number.

All that is worthwhile because you can get calls from US banks and other security verifications and the cost is way less than any Canadian plan.

You can get free Canadian numbers to use on data from Fongo and others.

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Fantastic. Thanks so much for the note; I really appreciate your input!

To your first point, AWESOME!

Thanks so much for spelling out the caveats; I’ll be sure to watch out/look those up :wink: