Public transport in Australia: Best route planning tools?

I’m going to Australia for the first time in a week or so. I’d like to visit places like Byron (from Sydney). But I’d prefer not to rent a car.

I know Google Maps supports public transit directions in Aus, but based on my experience in London, they’re often not as useable / accurate as the native planning tools (e.g. National Rail app in the UK).

Can anyone recommend any local apps / sites for planning routes on trains, buses, etc. in Aus?

The below link covers the best altetnativeapps however Google maps is the primary app used in Australia for transit planning. Sydney loaded their live data onto Google maps about 5 years ago and most other apps get the same feed.

Great, thank you!

Hey dunctk, I’m not sure what your budget is like but I recently flew to brisbane and hired a car and drove to noosa and then down to byron for 5 days and the total bill was only around $100AUD plus petrol (maybe another 60-100 depending on the car) but only 30-40 a day and that lets you go anywhere. Having said that you can always hire a bike as well for around $10 a day. I personally preferred having a car as there were many places we wanted to stop off at which would be difficult on public transport

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