Quality of remote connections (RDP, TeamViewer etc.) from SE Asia to Europe?

this is David from germany.

I am planning to stay in SE Asia in Q4 2015 while continue working. My work is location independent, but i would need to access customer sites in germany via remote connection. Has anyone done this bevor?
When i was in Thailand for holiday, voip telephony like skype, google talk etc. was working fine, but i did not test any remote access. It was a holiday. :smile:

I know that for web guys, this is not a problem, because SSH and git are not so much time critical like a “live” desktop session. I know that there will be more lag, as ping times Asia -> Europe will be more like 500ms rather than the < 100ms what working in close proximity to the customer.

I might start at Bangkok or Chiang Mai, so any first hand reports from there would be greatly appreciated.


I’m often working on SSH, so I share your worries. In my experience the speed of the connection is not that important (anyway SSH consumes almost no data) but the latency is way more important. Unfortunately it seems that due to the geographical distance between Eastern Asia and Europe there seems to always be a certain amount of lag which you just have to get used to (or I have not discovered the best location yet). So far I have tried Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and at all of those locations, even if the bandwidth was great, there was always lag due to the latency.

Going to be in Japan in May, if it’s any better there I would post an update here, but I suspect I’ll still get >400ms ping to Europe.

Thanks Mauro, that was kinda like i expected: Steady medium to good connection quality with high lag. I think i have to try if it works for me. As long as the connection is stable, it should work out somehow.

I know that web devs will not have this problem to that extend, they can use a local stage and push to production when they are ready. Can’t do this with a windows server. :wink:


Update to my own topic:
Currenty in Bangkok, and no problems so far:

  • Working with teamviewer is fine good speed, about 350ms delay to germany
  • VPN (IPsec, IPsec over HTTPS) works fine
  • PPTP VPN not working, but do not need it
  • Phone with Skype, Google Talk and WhatsApp better than expected. Works over shitty Hotel WLAN and also over AIS 3G. No VoiP block with AIS 3G.
  • Using a softphone over VPN to my company PBX is the best option so far. Yes, there is a delay, but quality is really good (Panasonic softphone).

Any questions, msg me.