Recommendations for a portable speaker system suitable for a DJ monitor while travelling? Preferring size over loudness

I’ve got myself a DDJ 400 DJ controller, and the compact size makes it ideal to throw into my suitcase while I go travelling next year.

It made me wonder if there was a decent portable speaker system that’s loud (and clear) enough for light bedroom DJing I could pack alongside the 400 to practice new tracks and record mixes.

I currently have a Bose Soundlink Mini II which was surprisingly good for the job. Although I feel it’ll probably damage if I keep pumping at full pelt, and it’s not quite loud enough for what I wanted but not far off at all.

I ordered a pair of iLoud Micro Monitors, and although seriously impressed with the sound quality, I ended up returning them for KRK Rokit 5 G3’s as they were too heavy for permanent (Digital Nomad) travelling so thought I’d get some solid DJ speakers in the meantime.