Recommendations on where to go (no Schengen)

Hello everyone! This is Juan from Argentina.

I am currently based in Cluj (Romania) and looking for options once my tourist visa runs out of days, the Schengen area is not an option due to the same reason. My current options are either the Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia), Bulgaria, Turkey or Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia). Timeframe: between JAN/FEB18 to MAR/APR18.

The criteria would include:

  • Rent below or around 600 EUR / mo
  • Reliable and fast internet connection
  • Safe
  • Gay friendly

By “gay friendly” I mean that you can have a personal/romantic/sexual life without fearing for your personal safety.

PS. My “go to” websites for deciding stuff like this are Numbeo and Nomadlist, if you got any other data aggregator alike please let me know! :smiley:

Bangkok. Ticks all your boxes and then some. Let me know if you end up here and we can hang :slight_smile:

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I would second Bangkok. :slight_smile:

Only Cyprus and UK in Europe! Otherwise Asia:

Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Bali

SE Asia will give you great options for this (I’m in Thailand currently). Was curious to hear how you like Cluj as Romania is on my list for a possible summer location (when its warmer there). Cheers!