Remote Jobs for Agile Product Managers/ Project Managers

I know its pretty easy for top quality developers to find a remote job and go nomad. I have did development and support kind of stuff for nearly 5 years and it seems this is not something I want to do for long term. So, looking for opportunities mostly into Product Management/ Project Management roles. I have some experience in this sector and I think I will be able to do good in this arena.

But I tried to search every remote job board, couldn’t find any such. So, my question where is the recruiters hiring Remote Product Managers/ Project Managers or they are not up to in remote work for this kind of role.

Product managers / project managers are rarely going to be remote roles. Maybe if you’re in the same timezone as the core team, it could possibly work.

That said, I’d argue that a product manager could never be 100% remote. You need to be speaking to users every single day, and this is much more effective in-person.

Considering you’ve spent time as a developer/support already, have you looked into roles in growth hacking or customer success?

Checked in to Growth Hacking … but couldn’t find a spot anywhere :frowning: meanwhile I worked for remote as a dev in US timezone , mostly in nights in my current base. So, timezone is not a problem at all for me.