Remote worker in Amsterdam: taxes and legal status?

Hi all,

I am moving to Amsterdam in January and looking for advice regarding legal status.

I work for a small French company. They agreed to let me move to Amsterdam as a remote worker starting January. :v:

However, they have no business entity and no employee in the Netherlands, so we have no idea how to set up the whole thing legally speaking. Should I remain an employee of the French entity, should I charge them as a consultant/contractor?

Of course, I am looking for a solution that is both simple and with minimum taxes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for your help!!

PS: If you can recommend a good accountant that is competent on the topic, I an happy to pay for the service too!

I’m no expert in this area, but I think it’s important for us to know if you’re a European citizen or not. If you are, than I think the easiest thing you can do is to remain employed in France and pay the taxes there. Not sure if you’re going to save money or not this way, but it will definitely be less of a hassle to just let your employer take care of the taxes for you.
Some extra rules might apply if you are not a European citizen, but someone else might want to help with that :smiley: