San Pancho, Mexico for digital nomads?

Hey! Trying to learn more about digital nomad locations in Mexico. Anyone living in San Pancho (San Francisco), Mexico? Do you recommend it?

Lived here for 2 months last year. The internet is pretty mediocre (and oftentimes terrible) throughout San Pancho but if you don’t want to have to speak Spanish, then this is the place for you! San Pancho is on the cusp of major development, i.e. going the way of Sayulita and other resort towns, but it down maintain a bit of its “hidden gem” vibe if you look for it. That said, this is NOT a place to learn to surf–Sayulita and Punta Mita are much better bets if you’re looking to pick up a surfboard for the first time.

The food is good, people are kind–although be wary of select longtime expats–and housing can be cheap if you have a decent command of Spanish and/or are willing to look.

I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I was in the internet, however. Neither the 2 houses nor the hotel I stayed in–nor any of the cafes I frequented–had reliable internet. That said, if you’re looking for a little escape, quality of life here is pretty damn good.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Thanks so much! This is very helpful. So, maybe Playa del Carmen is my best bet in Mexico? Or is there another digital nomad hub there that’s better?

I worked from San Miguel de Allende in the Mexican highlands for a month earlier this year, and the internet didn’t have any issues at either my homestay or at a couple coffee shops I frequented. It’s not a beach town, but is very beautiful, and there are lots of expats, so you don’t really need to speak Spanish (though you’ll enjoy it more if you do).

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Thanks for sharing!

Sayulita and San Pancho are great if you want to hang out with other white people and party and chill on the beach. The nomad scene isnt really there like in other spots. I didnt see a single coworking space (besides one internet cafe in Salyulita.

The surf can get crowded and the waves typically smaller than other breaks.

Mexico City is great if you dont need a beach.

Playa Del Carmen can be your best shot tho. Its way too touristy for me but there are great cities a short bus ride away.