Search/review site for Co-Working spaces around the world?

Hostelworld for hostels,
Nomadlist for general locations,
Yelp for food (among other things)
Trip Advisor for activities…

Is there a website where a community of people can rate and review co-working spaces around the world? I’m in a nice place right now, and about to start on toward the next destination, I’d love to review the coworking space I’m currently sitting in and start planning for the next stop.

I know that there are some threads around here about it, but I’d love to search “Taipei” and see a list of them with reviews from actual nomads (rather than the hap-hazard websites the coworking spaces make about themselves).

  • kyle

I’m not sure a website like that really exists (although it would be great!) but Workfrom and Copass are closest bets afaik.
Would love to hear tips from others!

I second @sim’s suggestions, and maybe this one can be useful too:

oh, is nice, thanks sim! Its a little janky, but seems to have a lot of coworking places listed.

Workfrom looks nice, but annoying because it uses a drop-down for filters instead of toggles or checkboxes. What if I want Power AND Fast Internet?

…and compass looks nice too, but I guess you can’t search without signing up?

hmmm, either way, I’ll be looking into all of them. Thanks!

here are some websites,
some have reviews, but not sure it’s community based.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


hey @gnefkow yes that does exist and it is! Their site and mission is awesome! They are like “Tripadvisor for coworking spaces” and currently have about 5000 member reviews for coworking spaces across 98 countries. Here’s a good space to give as an example:

hope this helps also has a mobile app (and an API).

I’ll add my vote in for Workfrom too. Helped me find some great places around Europe the last few months!