Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?


Just interested to see a quick rundown of everyone’s next stop. Where will you be going next and when?


We’re heading to Koh Phangan sometime next month!


Heading to Italy at the end of March for a conference, then I’m thinking Albania.


Amsterdam on Thursday :slight_smile:


Phnom Penh on Friday!


London in April then Italy.


Currently in Korea, I think a stop in Netherlands in April for my birthday to see my friends and then either Rwanda or Colombia. I really want to see Africa and South America.


Currently Northern Sweden and Buenos Aires in 6 weeks.


Budapest in a month :wink:


London Gatwick tomorrow :slight_smile:


Next is Varanasi, India, then Rishikesh, then Kathmandu, Nepal…and eventually Thailand!


Leaving Lisbon in a few weeks, then Copenhagen and likely a move to Berlin for a few months.


Barcelona tomorrow for a few days, then back to the UK until Thailand and Vietnam in April/May. After that… who knows! :smiley:


Thailand in March/April- then who knows? :smile:


I am planning for a trip to South Korea between July to October 2015. Any digital nomads available there for a meet up during that period?


I’m in the South Bay Area in California until April and then I’m off to Seattle for the Summer. Not sure whats next but looking for recommendations!


Rio de Janeiro next week (currently Belgium). Staying for 3 months in Brazil (Rio - Salvador and some yet to be decided beach location) :wink: .


I head to Medellin, Colombia next week and will be there through the end of the year.


Currently in Quito, Ecuador where I live the past 2 months.
In a few days traveling south to Peru.


Off to Switzerland in a couple days! If anyone is coming to Interlaken, say hi.