Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?


Just arrived in Bangkok from Bali, next Amsterdam, Budapest and Spain (June) then Berlin (July) and in September probably Colombia :smiley:


Lagos, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Oslo, Amsterdam, Dublin, Lisbon, Bogota, but let’s see what happens :sunny:


Plans to hit up Split for a month in September and then maybe cruise along the Albanian coast.

After that, Cape Town (and a bit go Jo’burg) for six weeks. This will be my first time hitting the open road, so if anyone is about at the same time and fancies a coffee, let me know!


Currently in Los Angeles California. Going to Panama in July. Then back to LA and leaving to Sydney in August until the end of the year. :blush:


Currently in Caracas, Venezuela (my hometown) for a month.

Heading to Bulgaria (or Romania) next month until September, and then Cape Town, South Africa.


headed to Budapest… anyone else?


Right now I’m in London, on Thursday I’m in Berlin for a few weeks. After that, I’m not 100% sure.


I’ll be on various “europe trips” in June-August. Budapest, Amsterdam, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Italy are the initial plans ;]

In September I’m planning to stay in Barcelona and after that maybe a moment in Canary Islands. November - south-east Asia :wink:

If someone wants to join me during one of those trips - just send me a message =)


I’ll be in Chicago for most of June, then SoCal near the start of July.

Don’t have much plans from there.


Washington DC for 3 months.
Then a week long road trip to see a friend in VA and then hit Philadelphia on the way to NYC to see another friend. YIPPEE!!!


Lyon during July-September, happy to meet up with anyone : ) After that, who knows, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Vancouver perhaps?


Officially off to Slovenia in July and August (with a short stop in Salzburg, Austria on the way) and the cycling from northern Switzerland through France in September.


I’m considering Lyon in July. I’ll let you know if I decide to!


Spain in June. Amsterdam/France/Stockholm in July. Estonia in Aug


Brilliant, please do :slight_smile:


Prague this month, with brief stays in KL and Berlin, Geneva in August and then Tokyo for 3 months or so.


Last month in Barcelona, then Bali


Belgrade this Tuesday


Costa Brava for a week. I know, suuuuuper exotic. It’s our first “working holiday” together to test the waters with my husband working remotely and me working freelance.


Currently in Ho Chi Minh City for another month and then off to Mexico for 6 months :smiley: