Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?


In Birmingham UK for a the next couple of weeks and then off to Madrid for July and August - I know, those are the hottest months but I love the heat :wink:


Currently in Croatia, heading to Greece for three months on July 17th :smile:


Currently in London, Santorini as of July, Chiang Mai in August :smile:


Currently in San Francisco, Athens and Santorini in August! :grinning:


Currently in Kyoto. Going to Seoul on Tuesday! Very excited, will be there for around 2 months. Anybody gonna be around?


21 july: Brussels - Porto - Ponto Delgada Azores
24 july: Ponto Delgada - Montreal
14 august: Montreal - Ponto Delgada
21 august: Ponto Delgada - Paris

Let me know if you around. Would be nice to meet random people on my trip.


Currently in Sarajevo. Will be in Kosovo and Montenegro for a few days and then back to Sarajevo again. Anyone around? :smile:

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I just got back from a visa run to Macau last night back to Chiang Mai where I plan on staying most likely until December.

Not sure where i’m going to go for Christmas yet, but maybe South Africa to do a proper safari and visit my gf’s family. Plus it’s summer there in Dec.

Other than that, i’m pretty happy in Chiang Mai until then with just a side trip down to Krabi for the dropshipping retreat in October.


I’m in San Francisco for the next four months! I’ll be in Copenhagen next week and then Portland in September. Taking advantage that I’m in California and trying to explore the big state plus surrounding areas.


Lyon in summer is too hot haha


Hey everyone,

(Just as a sidenote: I’m aware of the community rules, and I believe that the idea is absolutely relevant in the context of this discussion :smile: I hope admins will agree!)

Are you planning to visit multiple cities within next couple of months and looking for co-working spaces to work and expand your network?

We are currently working on an idea (MyNomadPass) which will give access to multiple co-working spaces around the World and we are trying to validate it right now with different nomads. So, if the first paragraph describes you, please “r” to me and let’s talk more about it!



Currently in Ho Chi Minh and will be staying here for some time


Partner and I are travelling in France/Austria now but coming to Chiang Mai for August. I have some studies to finish and we really need to organise our digital lives. Chiang Mai is the place, we’ve decided :smile:


Los Angeles > Las Vegas > San Francisco > New York > Louisville > Sydney > float around Australia > Perth > Koh Samui > Miami > Tokyo > Beijing > Bangkok > Dubai > Prague > Greece > Ibiza > Barcelona > Miami > we’ll see from there.

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I’m going to Nepal in two weeks, anyone near Katmandu the last 3 weeks of August?

I’ll be moving around of course, but it would be great to catch up.

And of course if someone is aware of a nice café or place to work, any advice is more than welcome!


I’ll be in South Korea from 10 to 25 October 2015. Stopping by Seoul, Jeju, Busan, and maybe Gwangju. :smile:


Quite a rough schedule (winter is coming, you know):
Oct+Nov’15: Alanya, Turkey
Dec+Jan: Goa (Mandrem)
Feb: Thailand
Mar: Malaysia
Feb: Thailand

We’re first time abroad. Any advises are welcome!


Heading to Da Nang, Vietname in September. and then Hong Kong in October. Are there anyone in Da Nang can meet with us in September?


Having left my job of 24 years at the end of 2014, I set off on a six month round the world trip, which is coming to an end. I plan to spend some time with family and friends in the UK, before spending the rest of 2015 in Penang, Malaysia. If there are anyone based here, and would like to meet up, please let me know. I was there for 3 weeks earlier in the year, and loved the food, atmosphere, and friendliness of the locals.


I spent 3 months in Penang some years ago! It’s definitely a great place to stay :smiley: