Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?


@jchatard It is funny how places stand out to you as you’re travelling. I never felt comfortable with Thailand, but Penang and Kuala Lumpur felt completely different to me.


Yeah I don’t know, the atmosphere and of course, as you said… The food is just amazing in Penang!!


Currently in sunny, hot Seoul, South Korea. If anybody fancies hanging out, lemme know here or on Kakaotalk: I’m “basicallydan” there :smile: Let’s go hiking!


I’m in London (actually Orpington) for the rest of August. Ping me if you’re up for a pint! :smile:


Bali in Sept - mid-October, then Sri Lanka for about 2 months


Hong Kong on Wednesday for 4 days then Vancouver/Victoria, Canada for the next 2 months.


Paraguay for 4 weeks. Asuncion most of the time due to net coverage.


Bangkok and Chiang Mai from October 10 to November 30.
Would love to meet anyone who’d be there during that time.


Starting my nomadic journey next week, starting in Hossegor on the west coast of France for a monthish!


Just returned to Beijing from a visa run to Hong Kong. Will be here for another 3-4 weeks then heading to KL.

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I fly into Bangkok September 29 and will be in Thailand through December 23. I’m leaving my itinerary fairly open for the time being but hope to spend most of my time in Chiang Mai and Koh Lanta. I’d love to touch base with anyone else who will be in Thailand at the same time!


I’ve got a few more days in a wonderful village in the south of France (south of France but up in the hills - it’s heavenly!), to be followed by a few days in Montpellier, then a little more than a month in Belgium, looking after a couple of cats (no rent, so i can save for the next stop), followed by a little more than a month in London - still trying to plug the accommodation gap there - followed by four months in Gran Canaria, followed by a few weeks in London again, then a few weeks in the US, and yes, I’ve got more than half a year plotted out already, but then I’m wide open again!

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Ha, I’ve just been cat sitting for a friend in Geneva while he was away. I thought it’d be easy… I was fooled. Cats are hard work!


I’m heading to Tokyo on the 8th for 2 months, followed by touring around Japan with a hop to Hong Kong then back to Tokyo. Not sure how long I’ll stay the second time because winter in Tokyo is harsh.

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Ha ha. I think it depends on the cats. I’ve not had much trouble, although there have been some quirks. Cats who are jealous of each other, for instance. And the young cat who liked to chase foxes… The last time that I was looking after cats, the morning of my departure both the cats were annoyed with me when they saw that I was leaving - I think they felt betrayed - and they both gave me the cold shoulder. That was hard!


My friend’s cat has cancer and has lost a heap of weight so he feeds her whatever she wants. She knows it and has 2 mouthfuls of food then wants something else.

Animals definitely do that. My sister’s dog gets funny as soon as the suitcases come out.


That sounds heartbreaking. …


We go to Taiwan then a few weeks in Japan :slight_smile:


Just landed in Barcelona last night. Maybe South Africa when my tourist visa runs out.


Currently in Split, then Belgrade and from there Florence.