Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?


Montevideo > Buenos Aires > Santiago > Sao Paulo > Rio … Uruguay has been awesome so far with prepaid LTE along the coast. Work from anywhere you want and don’t worry about wifi.


Budapest, currently. Finishing up a few months in Europe and then flying to Chiang Mai in 3 weeks with @steph_danforth.


Bangkok, currently.
Alkmaar, The Netherlands on 26th of July
Izmir, Turkey on 2nd of September


How did you find Hossegor? Good place to work / meet people? Cheers


Now in Paphos, Cyprus for 5 weeks until just before Christmas…


After a pop up to Chiang Mai for a coupla of weeks am over to Kuala Lumpur for about 1 month, then Hobart, Australia for just a week to see a festival performance I was excited to see happening, then back up northward to…?

Probably Malaysia again if I like it, it being an easy stay in one spot cheaply place for a while for Americans, take any short trips out around that country or over to others as little holidays for a while.

Right now I’m working on debt reduction that developed with the ailing of a passed-now cat so keeping costs low and extra income to plow into that is a big priority, plus purchasing flights back to USA for about 2.5 weeks in the spring.

Is why not more time being made of Australia and also New Zealand, of which I’ve never been to either and am going to attack hard at some point: they’re pricey.

So if anyone is in Kuala Lumpur between roughly Nov 28th and Jan 11-ish, maybe we could do coffee or some such.


90% am heading to Chiang Mai for the rest of the year… But am still undecided … Fighting the pull of inertia from being in Bangalore for the last 7 years. Will decide in a week!