Shikoku,can anyone help me with information about living there please

My name is Nick,currently living in Australia and looking at moving to Shikoku next year to live for a couple of years.My wife is Japanese,but I dont speak much though I have lived in Tokyo for some years previously.
Any advice on best areas to look at would be greatly appreciated ,

Thanks in advance

Hey Nick,

Any idea of WHERE on Shikoku? It’s the smallest/least touristed main island of Japan, but still pretty big. :slight_smile:

Lots of good hiking and temples around the island, and the food, although lesser known, is damn good…

But overall, much less developed than the main island (Honshu) – which is both good and bad, depending on how you’re looking at it.

G’day Scott,
Im trying to find any information on various cities.I lived in Tokyo for a few years in the 90s and '00s but never visited Shikoku.I guess Takamatsu is the best place to aim for,I want to be quiet but not too quiet.
Looking for any feedback on areas to live if you’re familiar at all

Hi Lofty,

Have only been there once, about 10 years ago, so afraid I can’t be of much use! Shikoku is on my list as well, as far as wanting to explore it a bit more.