Should I care about my carry on luggage size?

I will be nomading full time soon and I will travel with a regular backpack and a carry on bag.

As nomads we travel on many different airlines and they have different carry on bag size standards:

Should I care about that? Did any of you had any issues with carry on luggage?

hi, nuno
As far as I know, if your bag is somewhere near those dimensions. You’d be ok. I have been traveling for a while with an Ospray farpoint 55 (technically it is too big) but they never checked or asked.

I have just recently changed to a north face base camp duffle small 50L. it works great with all airlines.


If you are travelling on any budget airline, you should care. They will check and they will slam you with fees. Easyjet staff will go along the boarding queue and test bags to make sure they comply. I’ve not flown Ryanair but have heard they are merciless.

Certain airlines are more stringent than others, but some airports themselves often police the carry on size. For example, I’ve been forced by the Hong Kong security agents to measure my carry on bag on multiple occasions.

I make sure my bags (all of them) meet size requirements as I’m just not comfortable leaving it to chance. And my personal experience is that many airlines are increasingly strict about luggage dimensions.

Chance it as long as its not way to big, I have done about 20 budget airline flights this year with a slightly over size backpack and a smaller bag. Not been questioned once about it and seen plenty with bigger bags.

I use a “Rufus Roo” travel vest-huge pockets as a wearable carry-on, so my actual carryon is underweight and meets measurement rules. Once thru security, I max out the bag again and get on the plane.