Should I jump on a cheap Chiang Mai - Krabi ticket or are these prices typical?

Hey all, I know I should probably be asking this on a travel forum but I figure there are plenty of you in Chiang Mai that would have the answer for me… I’m coming for two months Dec/Jan (yay!) and looking at tickets for a side trip by plane to Krabi… round trip is ~$76 right now (probably not including checked back). I’m always anxious and book things too far in advance, but was wondering if I can expect to get a price like this (i.e. at least under $100 return, nonstop) closer to last minute. Especially since January is busy travel season for Thailand… thanks for your input !!! Can’t wait to meet some of you in Chiang Mai.

all depends if the old man goes.

That’s what I payed for a CNX-KBV round trip flight, twice, when booking about 2 weeks before traveling. But this was in June/July, so, I’m not sure how things change in Dec/Jan.
I assume this is Air Asia (not sure if other low cost fly direct CNX-KBV), so, checked bag not included, you get 7kg carry-on, but they don’t really check unless you’re carrying a huge backpack.
If you have so much time, I’d say it would be much wiser to wait and check regularly for cheaper promo fares.

Thanks so much for your feedback. Yeah, it’s Air Asia. I’m planning to get a flat for a month or two in Chiang Mai so I’d go to Krabi for 3-5 days with just a duffle. My concern is about going in the middle of high season; the price is great! But why lock in dates more than 4 months in advance? I should ask myself that more often though… :wink:

I’m wondering for the people who live there if you can just wander into a travel agency and get cheaper plane tickets that way; but I suppose that for Air Asia it’s the same no matter who you are.

No, don’t go to travel agencies. Cheapest fare is always online, and when flying to Krabi, your only choice is Air Asia (for a cheap direct flight of course).
And you’re right about the timing, no need to book so far in advance for a trip like that. There’s always the chance of paying around $100 for that same tickets, but hell, that’s not so much more, and you will have the freedom to choose when to go while being in CM already, specially if you’re not sure how many months you’ll be staying.

Thanks, that’s what I was wondering, if booking a few weeks out in high high season means a price difference of just a bit, or if it will be twice as much. Never been there at that time of year, nor booked last minute flights (well, Vietnam/Laos flights in November but wasn’t making comparisons back then). Thanks again!

Hi Lucha,

My advise: subscribe to newsletters from carriers flying from Chiang Mai (+Bangkok). This will keep you up to date for all offers.

I personally just like to grab offers spontaneously. Especially within SE Asia, with the high competition between carriers.

hey thanks! Any newsletters you recommend subscribing to? I don’t think there’s competition in this case as Air Asia is the only company that flies direct Chiang Mai - Krabi but there could be other places worth visiting as well that I don’t know about and could practice some spontaneity by just going with the best offers! :smiley:

That route is on promo now so it’s about 50% off. You should subscribe to their newsletters to get updated or

Thanks so much for those links! If the route is half of what is usually is, then I might just book it now and buy that add-on that lets me change the date (and has some other benefits, I forget). That way it makes no difference in price, i’ve got it booked, and can change the date if needed.