Should we go to Bali or southern Thailand?

Thanks @RyanChampion ! I think we will definitely end up checking out Chiang Mai at some point. One thing I’m liking about Bali, at least as our first stop, is that the beach isn’t terribly far away if we want to take a day off for a beach day.

Is there a particular area of Chiang Mai that is particularly beautiful to check out?


Sure I get it. For the first stop, a beach close by is a big draw. Chiang Mai is fairly small with lots of useful stuff very close by and a great atmosphere. The Nimmamhaemin area is the main one cool area- bars cafés, co-working etc. + the Old city. In and around Chiang Mai there is a ton of natural beauty and things to do ( trekking/ hot springs/ mountain retreats etc) which make it great for having weekends away doing something fun. There’s loads going on here, but its not oppressive in any way.
Digital Nomad population is pretty high, so its good for networking and meeting similar types.

One for consideration for later I’d say. You’ll probably bump into people who’ve been here if you meet any nomads in Bali.

Congratulations on making your choice to head to SE Asia. I’m sure you’ll have a great time wherever you head.

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1 more thing to be aware of:

  • The Andaman coast in Thailand (e.g. Ko Lanta) and most of mainland
    Thailand have summer monsoon.
  • Indonesia and the Gulf islands (e.g. Ko Samui) have winter monsoon
    That’s why those 2 regions don’t compete with each other, if you want to stay dry :wink:

March is just around the turning point, so if you wanna go to the west coast of Thailand, you should do that first before the rainy season starts. Then head over to a winter monsoon region, where the rainy season is just about to end.

Here’s a helpful tool for that kind of thing. It’s in German, but you will figure it out.