Should we go to South East Asia or Latin America with kids?

Hi guys!

We’re leaving on Dec 1st for a 5-month DN experience with our kids, but we have second thoughts on our journey. We were supposed to do a trip in South-East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia). We’re from Canada, and our clients are all in Canada right now (we’re digital marketing consultants).

After comparing destinations, we’re starting the think Latin America may be a better choice to make sure we keep most of our clients during these 5 months (same timezone). Also, it seems Latin America fits our needs too :

  • cheap (actually often cheaper than Chiang Mai according to Numbeo)
  • great weather (sunny while less hot than Asia)
  • business continuity : good wifi connection, limited time difference
  • learning opportunity : one single language = great opportunity to improve our Spanish
  • relaxed pace of life
  • kid-friendly
  • relatively safe (see countries below)

So here are our 2 options ; which one would you recommend for our criteria?

A: SEA : Thailand (Chiang Mai and a couple islands in the South), Indonesia (Bali and Lombok), Malaysia (Penang)
B: Latin America : Mexico (Playa Del Carmen/Tulum), Colombia (Medellin), Peru (Lima and other TBD towns), Chile (Santiago and other TBD towns), Argentina (Buenos Aires and other TBD towns).


Hi! As a person from Argentina currently living in se asia I would definitely say that working at Pacific Time while here is challenging (I definitely underestimated it). I also wonder if this place is kid-friendly enough since most food is street food and places don’t seem to be sparkling clean. Latin America is a lot more similar to what you are probably used to (big cities, good internet connection, food you are familiar with). But having said that I think I would prefer my kids to experience se asia. It’s so different.
Hope it helps :slight_smile: contact me on slack if you need help with anything else!

I’m also from Canada, and I’ve just had to make the same choice. I elected to go to Mexico (the colonial highlands area), in order to keep my business relationships easy. I’ll transition over to SE Asia in the next few years. Feel free to DM me.