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So I know it’s an idea that we all have, and judging from the response on this forum, this is the perfect place to get the wheels moving for something like this. So far @atu and I have been discussing how to make a network of nomadic shelters a reality, where anyone in the community can come and live and work from a cool, internet-rich apartment in great cities around the world (with no longterm commitments!). Our thought for a minimum viable product was to simply find a place on airbnb and try to get a group together to live in it. So here I am, starting the hunt for the first candidates in the NOMAD HOME EXPERIMENT: Austin Edition!!

The house I found is awesome!

The place looks perfect, and it has 5 beds, so at $4574 for the month, it would be fairly cheap per person ($914).

So, LET THE RECRUITING BEGIN! I’m looking for 4 digital nomads who will be in Austin from Jan 6th - Feb 6th, to join in on this experiment, and be the first group to experience the power of a nomadic living arrangement!! The idea is, that we all have our own skills to contribute, and the group is encouraged to motivated each other, hold each other accountable for their goals, create an inspiring environment, work together and document all of the activity from the houses members to be shared here, and on other digital nomadic forums. I think the opportunity to bring like minded nomads together, while solving a housing problem all digital nomads face is monumental!!

For the first month, you could live and work from the Nomad Home Austin, and choose if you want to stay months after. If someone leaves, I will post on here opens, and we will bring in new members. @levelsio has been working on a social network that would bring together people looking for this sort of arrangement, so I’m trying to be the first property where people can get off this forum and into the world!

Join me in Austin, whether you already are there, or want to help to make this dream a reality, can’t wait to see who fills up the very first first nomad home!

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Cool experiment. I always wondered why people don’t do this more in the cheaper digital nomad spots where your lifestyle can really scale cheaply. Good luck. Looking forward to participating in something similar in the future.

Thanks my friend! What city are you currently in? Just to keep in mind :wink:

San Francisco but looking to do more traveling in 2015. I need to get back to Austin too. My only visit was during SXSW.

This is awesome, I wish I had the time to go during that time period!

Visited Austin for a short weekend before and loved it. I definitely want to do this but will be overseas for the timeframe. I’ll def apply in the spring/summer months but it might be a tad too hot in Austin then…

Hopefully we’ll have an awesome place set up by summer (with awesome AC!)

Wow, this is awesome! I actually lived in a house with similar characteristics back in December last year (in SF). I can grab the community guidelines (managed via Github!) if you want something to start with. Excited!

Awesome idea. Every time I’ve visited Austin I’ve really liked it, and I’ve got a bunch of friends there – some in tech, some not. And I’d like to get out of SF for a while. Just applied. Thanks! – Tikhon

@maxholzheu That would be great if you could provide me with the name of that house in SF and also that community guideline. Curious to see how it’s all laid out. Excited to build one in Austin, as well as stay at others out there that are already established! Hit me up any time would love to chat more about your experience :smile:

@tikhon Austin is paradise, I convinced my company to let me work remote from the city :smile: I saw your post from before about finding a place closer to the city center. I’m actually looking for the same, but tough on airbnb. I’ll be down there Jan 4th so may be easier to track down the right pad while on the ground there. But the idea is to get the right people together, so awesome to hear you’re onboard! Also, if you could keep an eye out for any potential nomad houses you come across, holler at me! One this is established, the idea would be that you could escape SF for a month or 3 and then head back with no recourse, no leases sign, and a new group of awesome nomad buddies! YAYA~!!

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I don’t think you’ll be too happy with this location, but I hear ya, it’s more difficult than I thought to get a 5-bedroom that’s central and affordable. If I was home I could help you guys out, but in Bali now. I’ll be back in Austin end of January.

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Nomads! I re-did the sign up form to pretty it up, and in doing so deleted all the previous entry, doh! So if you signed up before please fill it in again.

We found a new house that’s looking much better; location, cost and practicality-wise. We also have an awesome group forming, and only A FEW SPOTS OPEN, so sign up. I will start looking for a second house to pad the excess demand. But excited to make the first Nomad House in Austin a reality!!

So take a look at the new form and sign up!

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