Staying in Italy for a few months - internet?


My boyfriend and I would like to spend a few months in Italy - nowhere major like Milan, maybe Tuscany region or more south. I’ve been there before, but not in a work capacity. We need decent internet both where we stay (maybe airbnb) and are hoping to find some cafes or work spots around.

I don’t see too much on here about Italy. And it certainly doesn’t make any list of ‘best places for digital nomads’ - so I’m curious about that. Is it a bad spot for people like us that survive off of the internet? Is it not reliable?

I appreciate any insights from your experiences!


I’ve been in Cagliari/Sardinia for a week. In my apartment I’m getting 10Mbps / 1Mbps. Plenty ok for my work(hurray for rsync). Still I work from the local coworking space where the bandwidth is about the same.

We enjoyed 2 weeks in Sicily on the hosts local wifi (was a beach condo found on air B&B) it wasn’t terrible, but also wasn’t super fast, I believe it was a DSL connection. Still able to get my work done, but we also had a local data sim with WIND to supplement when out. I think I’d be lucky if we had a full 10/1 connection via wifi from that DSL connection at home. Love working in Italy though. :slight_smile: Enjoy your trip.

Hi, i were born and grew in Italy (Sicily, to be precise) and actually, the general situation is that in the center and northern italy big cities you will find very good connections (even fibers up to 100/300/500 MB in download); in the little cities/town and in the south (even in cities), connection is much much more worst than that; Of course, i am talking about the general situation, exceptions could be anywhere. My two cents :slight_smile:

I don’t think the internet would be a problem in any of the developed countries, Italy included. 4G is pretty common, and available on prepaid, we got like 20 GB for 30 euros on TIM and Wind and lived on lake Como for a week just with that.

Seems Italy is a good place as I haven’t heard any issues with regards to Internet, power outages, etc. It’s certainly included in my DN spots bucket list!

no doubt: get a prepaid TIM sim card (avoid vodafone like hell), and put it on a huawei pocket wifi modem.

Re WiFi at home, I spent April and May of 2015 about 2 kilometres outside of a hilltop village in Tuscany and never had any problems at all with the WiFi.

Hey there, I just arrived in Bologna & posted something about it.

Only here since Wednesday but it’s already been surprisingly great. Can’t imagine how it’d be in the spring/summer :slight_smile:

Anyhow, in that post I added plenty of links regarding coworking spaces & other generic resources relevant to Italy.

Enjoy :slight_smile: Any nomads in Bologna (Italy) right now? And resources for DN in Italy