Suggestions for home base for 10 months in Mexico or Panama next year?

We’re researching places to use as a home base next year, and are leaning towards Mexico or Panama for 10 months (with 1 week “vacations” to explore surrounding countries)

But, I want to settle some place where the infrastructure is good enough for fast, reliable internet - fast enough to run live webinars without worrying that I’ll be S.O.L due to internet issues when it’s time to go live.

And ideally, I’d like to be on the coast… I like to have ocean/beach access without the need for a drive.

And not in a malaria zone (just saying, since Panama in particular has many areas that I’d rule out simply due to the need for malaria prevention meds)… it’s one thing to take that stuff for a few weeks long trip, but I don’t want to take it for months on end.


Thanks for reading all :slight_smile:

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Malaria is hardly a risk in Panama, see

I’m in Colombia, which supposedly is a risk zone, and even here it’s hardly a risk if you stay in the cities.

I wouldn’t be too scared of it.

and even if you are in a malaria zone, i wouldn’t take prevention meds because they barely work and the side effects suck.

you’re going to have some challenges finding what you’re looking for with the internet you need. maybe one of the coworking spaces in Playa but even those have occasionally dodgy internet.

True, the risk isn’t major, but at some times of the year, my understanding is that malaria prophylaxis is recommended in certain areas.

re: internet

Hmmm… so maybe there’s no hope for Mexico or Panama then, huh?

We’re into our second year in SE Asia, and ready for a change of scenery.

re: malaria - we’re just extra cautious because we’re doing this with kids… so if the “powers that be” recommend anti-malarials, we’ll take them. Did that for 3 weeks in Cambodia, and we all tolerated it just fine, but I don’t want to be somewhere that it’s recommended for 10 months is all… :slight_smile:

Both Mexico and Panama seem to have OK internet:

Panama is 4mbps, Mexico is 10mbps average download.

Thanks for the info! I’m glad that at least I’ve got lots of time to research this hehe

We really want to check out central America… but gotta find a home base with awesome internet.

What’s worked well for us in SE Asia is to rent a place for long enough that we can sign up for whatever is the fastest locally available internet (as opposed to getting stuck in short-term rentals where all you get is the typical slow speed internet).

Hoping we can do likewise in Mexico or Panama… would love to know if anyone else has done this. :grinning:

download speeds don’t matter, you need fast upload speeds if you’re going to run webinars. That’s where you’ll run into issues. There are some people in Playa now and you could ask them in the Mexico slack channel to run some speed tests.

I lived in Mexico for years, but not in the areas you’re looking for so I can’t offer much feedback on them.

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I can’t speak to the internet issue since the place I stayed wasn’t great for that, but Sayulita, Mexico is a great little coastal town - colorful, lots of surfing and yoga, a large expat population, tons of tourism (and, thus, lots of English spoken), great salsa nights, and a really lovely little resort nearby.

If I’m remembering correctly, the one other digital nomad I met there said her place had good internet. But I don’t know how much Skyping/webinars she was doing.

Good info on the importance of upload speeds - I didn’t know that, so thanks very much for pointing that out :smile:

Any idea on what would be the minimum upload speed required?

Also, you mentioned in another thread that you had good internet in Merida… so I know that’s not right on the coast, but if we have to, will definitely consider staying further inland. Is the internet there good enough for running webinars?

re: slack - Just paid to join… will ask as soon as the invite arrives in my inbox!

Thanks for the info - sounds like my kind of town :smile:

I just came from Sayulita, I was there for a month, I had really bad luck with the internet, it was a constant struggle. I’m back in Puerto Vallarta now, the internet here seems very good, never had a problem with it constantly resetting like I did in the smaller towns (such as Sayulita and Bucerias) along the coast . Although I don’t run webinars, I have participated in few for my profession while in PV and didn’t have a problem. PV also has the other amenities your looking for I believe.

I don’t know what kind of speed you’d need to run a webinar. my friend does online skype training and she looks for a minimum of 1 up, preferably 2.

I would think you can get that in Merida if you’re in a longer term place and can upgrade your internet. It isn’t something I worry about so I’ve not looked into it,

Since you’re going to be there 10 months, make sure you’re ok with hot and humid. :slight_smile:

Yeah, hot and humid is fine with us… been in that here in SE Asia for ages, in fact, when we went to Hong Kong recently and it was “only” 25C, we were cold lol Our bodies have really adjusted to daily temps of 30C+

Good to know it’s possible to get better quality internet though.

Hi @Sheralyn! Where did you end up moving to? I’m considering a move to Panama for summer of 2019 but I’m concerned about finding reliable internet. -Kendra