Suggestions for somewhere to spend Jully in northern Spain?

I’m looking for somewhere to spend July in northern Spain. (Not that it matters but June we’re in Paris, August in Porto).

I’ve spent time in small Italian villages and loved the experience. I’m hoping to find something like that but in coastal Spain, I just don’t know the area at all yet. Suggestions?

Somewhere roughly in or between Galicia and Bilbao. Somewhere walkable to a half dozen small resturants/cafes/etc…

My colleague, Jon is originally from Bilbao and if you want to try good food that’s for sure the place to go :wink:
At the same time, our friends from have a #coliving space there. It’s in a little village but the vibe in the house is worth visiting for sure.

Thanks. Food really does tend to be the biggest driver in where we go…

I saw someone mention Sende a while ago but looking at their website I couldn’t figure out if they were still in operation, or what exactly their “operation” was for that matter. Are they just doing retreats/workcation type things, or is there actually a coworking space somewhere people can actually go to work?

I think it’s pretty open to join despite they do a lot of retreats/workation. I would suggest you to contact them, Edo and Maruchi are super friendly :wink: They will let you know.

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I am fond of Andorra. The low duty and taxes makes wine and liquor cheap as well as a lot of other items. The high season is the winter, so an apartment can be rented pretty cheaply by the week or month out of season. Every place has fibre to the home, so the connections are usually very fast.

Plus there are lots of restaurants to choose from.

Hiking in the mountains is incredible.

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I recommend you San Sebastian o Gijón. I love Asturias and the beaches and people! The problem in this cities is the people don’t usually speak English. But it is perfect to practice Spanish.
In the north of Spain you can try some surf house with wifi.

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Thanks! (Language isn’t an issue).

We’ve been looking a Gijón but not finding much available for 1-2 months range… I’ve been looking on AirBNB, but need to start looking elsewhere (HomeAway and others… I get to the point I forget those even exist).

Andorra sounds lovely, I’ll add that to the list to look at. I’m not really familiar with that area, but cooler mountains sound nice…