Taipei or Kaohsiung for May?

My partner and I are looking at staying in Taiwan for the month of May, and were wondering if Taipei or Kaohsiung is better for living and working in? Our primary purpose will be working, so cheap food/accommodation (that’s relatively easy for a foreigner to find and obtain) and fast internet are our biggest priorities, but some sightseeing and nightlife would be nice. (I know Taipei has the latter, not as sure about Kaohsiung.) Thanks!

Great question my BF and I are also looking into these 2 cities in May, as well, and leaning more towards Kaohsiung as it appears Taipei has more rain in May (but Kaohsiung is hotter, which we don’t mind). We have similar priorities/plans as it sounds like you do. Nomadlist does not list Kaohsuing as having very fast internet, but I wonder how accurate that information is.

From the few accounts I’ve heard, they were able to get fast internet. Maybe it just depends on being able to find the right place? I think we’re leaning toward splitting out time between the two cities, not quite sure yet.

I just stayed in Taipei for a month and visited Kaoshiung for four days. It seemed to me that many restaurants close very early in Kaohsiung and it was harder to get around because there are only two metro lines. They have a bikesharing system like Taipei, but it doesn’t work with the payment card for Taipei, so I didn’t use it. So overall it didn’t feel as “easy” as Taipei.

Regarding the internet speed; I guess it depends on what you define as “fast”. The wifi in the hotel I was staying in was worse than 4G on my phone. But I had the same in Taipei in a few places as well. And 4G was good enough for video calls, which is the most demanding use I had for my internet connection. If you need high bandwidth to transfer large files, this might not work for you.

Personally, I would probably get bored staying a whole month in Kaohsiung. If you haven’t been to either, I’d say go to Taipei and do a weekend trip to Kaohsiung. It’s super fast to get there by bullet train.


They’re pretty similar, but Kaohsiung has better weather, will be cheaper and have a better scene since it’s a little smaller and easier to meet people. People are more friendly also - Taipei’s a big city, a little self-absorbed, everything is too spread out so you never feel like going anywhere. If you go to KH, spend a few days checking out Tainan for the history.

Did you end up staying at both Priscilla? Any word of advice? :slight_smile: