TMobile for Continuous Travel?

TMobile advises their international plan requires me to reside in the US for 3 months of each year, however I may be there only 1 month (or less). Anyone using their plan continuously? Rigid requirement?

We used T-Mobile for about a year outside of the US before they gave us notice and cut us off. We switched over to Google Fi and it’s working out well. It was kind of a hassle when they canceled us (gave us 30 days notice) because Google Fi has to be activated inside the US (at least it did a year ago) and I wanted to port our numbers. I was able to get a short extension from T-Mobile.

I’ve heard others say they haven’t had an issue with staying outside of the US, but that was not the case for us.

We also sometimes use local SIM cards because it’s often dramatically less expensive if we’re going to use lots of data. Once you get used to it the local SIM card thing is really easy in most places.


Have been on the T-mobile plan for over three years now. Usually spend about 10 months out of the year outside of the US (returning back for month stints twice/year), and have not had any issues.

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I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for many years, a nomad for a few of those, and haven’t had any issues, including the year I was out of the U.S. for 11 out of 12 months. They never mentioned any requirement to me. However, some folks have said suggested this might be because I’ve had service with them for so long.

I’m looking to switch to Google Fi anyway due to lower cost, and the fact that I don’t make all that many calls any more. Plus I’ve had some problems with voicemail and receiving calls.

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Anecdotally, it seems the requirement is having it register on a US tower every few months or so. If you travel back to the US regularly, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Have had Tmobile for 2.5 years, with about 60 total days in the US that entire time, and a couple of months ago in Ireland I got an explicit warning text from them that I was not spending enough time in US. I am in canada and mexico for the rest of the year and no issues there as I am on the north american plan anyways, but they may be cracking down…

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