Transfer Money from US Bank to Thai Bank

Hello! I forgot the pin number to my Wells Fargo ATM card and I can’t withdraw funds. I’ve tried to initiate a Wire but was told the account has to be active for 180 days.

MoneyGram and Western Union won’t allow me to transfer money to myself outside of the United States.

Paypal isn’t allowing me to add $ from my linked WF account, because I didn’t create a traveler profile before leaving. So it’s blocked!

Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working and it’s been 5 days. Do you guys have any immediate suggestions?

I would like to hurry up and pay my rent before Friday. Is Transferwise ok? I’ve heard mixed review.

Thanks :sweat_smile:

I’ve heard before that some of the Thai banks will withdraw money using a debit card without a pin if you are able to present a matching passport at the counter. Personally, I’ve had no issues with paypal over in this part of the world…but maybe log in with a vpn set to the USA and create what you need for the traveler profile?

I’ve used Transferwise for months now with no issues. Highly recommended!


Thanks! I’m not able to use my US debit card w/o a pin number.

I do have VPN, but the traveler profile needed to be setup before I left NYC.

Call your bank, tell them you forgot the PIN, answer a bunch of security questions and then reset the PIN using your phone keypad?

call from a US number, surf from a US proxy.

If it’s easy/affordable to turn bitcoin into cash in Thailand, another option is to sign up for and try to link your bank account via ACH. Transferwise or similar options (eg usforex) require a local (US) wire transfer too, so not sure if you’ll be able to follow that route, although they’d be a better option than western union/paypal

I did that using my US number and Express VPN. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

Wells Fargo doesn’t allow you to reset your pin over the phone.

Thanks! I think I wrote above that Western Union & MoneyGram doesn’t allow transfers outside the US.

I will look into : )

Ok, here’s one more for you: Bangkok bank has an office in the USA (New York) that you could ACH funds to and withdraw from here–may need to open an account, not sure. On that note, be aware that Thai banks are highly variable per location in whether they will help foreigners or not. So if not helpful at one, both myself and others I know have been successful “shopping around” at other branches (of the same bank) to get previously denied services, etc. Best to go to areas where there are lots of expats. Highly user-friendly…

Make a skype call to WF Customer Service and explain what’s going on. They will take you through some security procedures to determine you are who you say you are. Then you can reset PINs and passwords. The skype call will be free if you use a WF toll-free number. 1-800-956-4442 worked for me. Have your debit card or account number handy. Good luck.

Jim Robinson
Da Nang

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Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve been working with WF for over a week and running into issues every time. Unfortunately the CSR’s don’t know how to do their job correctly.

Wells Fargo doesn’t allow you to reset the Debit Pin over the phone. The only way to do it is at the Branch or have them mail it overseas (2-4 weeks).

The only Pin you can rest over the phone is for Credit Card only. I’ve been working with the Executive Office so this information is accurate.

Thanks! I have an account with Bangkok Bank and Krunsgri.

I was told that I can only send money to the US not transfer money into Thai account : (

The other frustration is no one speaks enough English to clarify this information.

It’s over now! I had a friend send money via PayPal.