Traveling to Ghuangzhou in April for the Canton Fair: Any notable destinations during the downtime?

I am traveling to the Canton fair where I will be for 16 days from April 18th to May 4th. There will be a couple 3 day gaps between working for mini excursions. I am contemplating going to Macau or HK during these times.

I am up for suggestions on similar areas i.e. close in proximity, simple travel arrangements, maybe a body of water as well.

Work may supercede these travel arrangements though if the journey isn’t too demanding it may be worth while.



Yeah HK is good. Like a 2 hr train ride from Guangzhou. If you book flights early enough, you could go to Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, etc for pretty cheap. For accommodation, if you aren’t staying at a hotel, Lazy Gaga Hostel is amazing. Stayed there for 1 month last Oct for the fair.

@travelmore thanks! The hostel looks fun and a great spot. Im going to book a room there right now.

Also do you have any recommendations for nightlife? Or what areas to stay away from?