Trialing Bangkok

Hey - I’m heading to Bangkok for a month from the 14th November to see how it feels living and working there for a month in terms of productivity/lifestyle/etc. I’m a FX/Futures trader so just generally require a decent computer and internet connection.

As far as the basics:
Housing: airbnb in Chatuchak
Workspace: The Hive
Gym: Traininggroundbkk

Any must see’s / advice / from those who have been to BKK would be appreciated. Likewise If you’re planning on being there over the same period drop me a line!


I lived in Bangkok for two years, ending March of this year. I started out in Thailand by moving to Chiang Mai, but quickly decided to move to BKK as the transportation is better and I know more people there. I actually like it enough that I’m heading back sometime this spring and setting up a place as a base to do some more traveling/business in the region.

The only real advise I’d give you is be careful regarding food (or at least know your personal limits…). I’ve gotten pretty sick there a few times as have a couple of my friends…believe me, being sick for a month plus will floor your productivity and lead to intimate knowledge of the local medical establishment and other topics you’d probably rather not know about. I now have a rule of eating no fresh/uncooked stuff in Thailand unless I personally prepare it–haven’t been sick since.

Internet speeds are generally good, but some are a lot better than others. I had a fiber connection to my apartment through AIS that was extremely fast and cheap–much better than the service I have in the USA currently which is supposedly 3x as fast. Also, as a backup, the cell-based data is cheap and they generally allow tethering (bring unlocked phone and check that it supports the local LTE bands if important that it works well).

BTW, Chatuchak is a bit of a commute to the Hive, and even more so during rush hours (those interchange stations are absolutely packed). Hoping you are at least near a MRT/Skytrain stop.

Thanks for the response - Internet in the airbnb is 30mb/s, which is not too bad. How fast was your fibre connection? The key will be how consistent the speed is so I’m interested to see that.

Do you have any recommendations for a cell provider?
There is an older (2015 here that discusses it (What's the best mobile-data option in Thailand for nomads?)
This guide also was useful (

Regarding location - yes I’m aware of the commute from Chatuchak, will build a routine around avoiding rush hour to get in and out of the city. I dliberated around wanting to be living somewhere a little quieter vs dealing with the travel time…

30 sounds pretty good. I was on a 50/20 and found it to be rock-solid stable and consistent. Also worked during power outages.

Regarding cell provider, I have always used True, but it seems like AIS has better coverage in more out-of-the-way places (my GF uses AIS so have done some comparisons over time). Both are similar in performance around Bangkok. True is generally cheaper. AIS seems to have better wi-fi hotspots included.