Urgent Advice Needed About Visa to Travel and Stay in Sharm El Sheikh

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I thought I would just dive in.

I am travelling with my wife and my young daughter, so as you can imagine it adds a bit more to my planning.

I am looking to stay in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt for a while. I am a Brit, and I need to sanity check some information that I have received.

My initial plan to stay in Sharm was as a British citizen get a multi entry visa which would give me 90 days and take it from there. However, I have been told by someone the following and if it is true it would be the best news for me:

To stay in Egypt you can get a 28 Day Sinai Visa on arrival. So on day 26 I should go to the Visa office in Sharm and I would be granted a 6 month Visa on application. Apparently it is not multiple entry visa, it is for 6 months and you simply renew it a few days before it expires. You can do this twice before you MAY have to leave the country. In other words you can stay a whole year hassle free!

Is this true? I really need to know as this is very important for me.

If anyone knows, or if you know someone who may know, your advice would be really welcome.

Thank you.