US citizens how did you choose where to vote?

I’ll admit it, I usually don’t vote. But with the current batch of scary ass clowns vying for the presidency, I feel like I really have to for the next election. My problem is, I have no idea what state to register in.

I’ve not lived in the USA since 2008.

My license is from AZ but I’ve not lived there since 2001.

The last place I lived in the USA was DC, but only for a few months, and I can’t receive mail there.

I receive mail at my moms house in Indiana, bit I haven’t lived there in 20+ years.

So. How do I figure out where to register to vote?

What do you do?

Normally where you vote is based upon your state driver’s license or ID. I get my mail at a Mail Boxes, etc. and that is what is listed on my driver’s license as my ‘home address’. I haven’t lived in that state in over seven months. Most DMVs have the voting form to register to vote at their locations throughout the state. If you get your physical mail in Indiana, I would just take your AZ license (I’m assuming it is still valid) and just switch it for an Indiana license, using your mom’s address and then just register to vote while you’re there already changing your license in Indiana.

My AZ license is valid for another 20+ years so I really don’t want to get a new one. :slight_smile: I’m also not going to be in the USA any time soon, like for at least a year, probably 2.

I would check with the State of AZ then to see if you could register for an absentee ballot.