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Hey guys,

I’m in the beginning of my nomadic life. I currently have a UK account in GBP currency but most my clients pay me in USD either via Upwork or Transferwise. I was wondering if you know if there is a better way to deal with the fees?
I was looking at opening a USD account but the fees are ridiculous (I looked at HSBC).
Not sure if this is useful information but at the moment I’m still working as an independent freelancer. I haven’t set up a company yet as am looking for the best option for that.


I’m from the UK but just stuck with getting paid in USD into PayPal then taking the hit on their fees and terrible exchange rate.

I’m now registered as a LTD company in the UK.

I think transferwise are far better as their fees and exchange rate are better

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Check out

They offer business solution, don’t charge fees on currency conversion, and have great exchange rates. And their standard Master Card is free.

Thanks Chilladx

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If you’re visiting the US anytime soon, you can just walk into any bank and open a personal account. All you need is your passport, a proof of address (in your home country), and a residential address where you can receive the card to. The minimum deposit at Wells Fargo was only $50.

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And you won’t have any problems with law/immigration etc? If you visit US as a tourist technically you can’t receive money in a US account since you’d need a business visa or something. No?

Open an international investment account at Charles Schwab and have your payments deposited there. No currency fees. Always the current exchange rate. And ALL ATM fees are reimbursed. My card is accepted for about $250 US every day at the bigger banks’ ATMs in Vietnam.

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There’s few options out there:

  1. Open an Citi account in UK first, then open another Citi account in the US. Link them together through CGT (Citi Global Transfer) and you may transfer money in between with fee waived (it’s kind of special yearly offer and may differ in different country/year. Check first)
  2. Open an international investment account at Charles Schwab, as @mail_jimrobinson suggests
  3. Open any bank account in the US, link it with and you could spend the money with a virtual debit card (which uses the up-to-date VISA exchange rate with no extra fee)
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Hi @JCW, how does being registered as a LTD help you? How does your client transfer money to you? I’m having the same issue where I just experienced myself ridiculous PayPal fees.

I have a company registered in Croatia. How can a client pay me there directly?