Views/Worries about UK leaving EU?

I was wondering what people’s thoughts or worries are about the UK leaving the EU? Will it affect your plans? Is it going to make your nomadic lifestyle more difficult? Or do you think it won’t have any affect? Just curious :slight_smile:

At the moment nobody knows what’s going to happen… so that’s hard to answer. There are so many possible scenarios of what could possibly happen over the next few years that we’ll have to just wait and see (at least non-UK citizens can’t do more).

I’d say the best case scenario would be if nothing actually changes because the UK ends up not leaving due to another referendum or technicalities. The worst case is the scenario where everything is falling apart, Europe falls back into war mode with everybody fighting each other, global productivity drops and the whole world goes down with fire.
So, obviously, the range of possibilities is wide :slight_smile:

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American living in the UK for 3 months here.

I wouldn’t worry about this any time soon. There are a lot of things that need to happen before any actual changes get made, so I doubt we’ll see an effect on things like visas in the next year or two.

On the positive side, your foreign money will go farther in the UK since the pound’s getting…pounded. I made sure to get some cash out of an ATM that day :slight_smile:

I can’t see it making much difference because I spend time in lots of countries and there are no issues e.g Costa Rica up to 6 months, I work here in Zurich and that it’s fine here EU or no EU and sometimes I spend the winter in New Zealand and 6 months is Automatic as is Mexico so I am not in the least concerned. For Nomads it won’t matter but for Mr and Mrs Smith looking to retire to the sun it might be a bit more complex but I doubt it.

Those who are worried lack imagination. You guys are smart; the EU once pitched as a way to facilitate trade is now a political entity shaping discourse, whereas the trust-less decentralising bureaucracy free p2p world of the internet is only getting started.

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